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Leviticus says that one can not cut their hair, shave their beard, harvest the corners of their fields. It also says that one can stone their children to death for talking back to them. But whatevs, we’ll just focus on that one about gay people. 

I keep seeing people quoting Leviticus as a way to prove that people of faith (since it’s not just Christians) are using an “outdated book.” This is a clear sign that they don’t understand Christianity, or that their comments are not directed at Christians. CHRISTIANS FOLLOW CHRIST’S EXAMPLE, aka the New Testament, which means “love your neighbour as yourself” and simply loving others is our greatest prerogative. Not to say that the Old Testament isn’t fascinating and a good thing to read for Christians, but the part that we have to follow is Jesus’ example.

Yes, when Jesus came all the old testament rules didn’t have to be followed anymore. God loves you no matter how many times you’ve sinned. He doesn’t care if you’re straight or gay, he loves you.

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